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Being a teacher, trainer and coach is hard work. Being alone in a crowded room often leads to feeling alone in other areas of your life. Parents, siblings, event best friends generally don't understand the work you do, the challenges you face and they cannot help you in any significant way. What you need is a team that includes others like you, professional tools and Leadership Gamez™ to join as your 6th teammate.

Even todays top training organizations are stuck in the 1900s, still playing the same game they did long before we had running water, toilet paper and electricity. With so many today selling hope at a premium price. We believe hope, is the thing that should always be given away. Then the build information programs. It seems in 2016 taking more notes and compiling more information is the last thing we need, we do have the Internet. Our schools are still full of children making copies of inaccurate text-books as they take notes sitting in desks. Corporations are stuck in the 1889-1998 time period of top-down, command and control strategies that we inherited from assembly line manufacturing, unskilled labor forces and internal corporate regimes of haves and have-not's where still today 92% of the workforce is being paid to play the game of "follow directions" vs the game of being paid to think.

Leadership Gamez is about "experience" first in new ways of "getting to new learning, new behaviors, new growth". The undeniable advantage of self organizing teams of individuals that are paid to think over being paid to follow directions, the gentle drift away from predicitivism into empiricism, the subtle changes when authority figures pull instead of push as they practice Socratic methods of engagement. The very action of playing a game where you adopt the persona of a character that is already these things can move an entire broken culture to self-heal in days and weeks. The brain seems in this way wired to accept input from this "gameplay" that can go on then to grow into full understanding with time vs. the big lights, big names, big sounds, big show of the conference that leaves you if anything feeling less and less sure about your investment.

The 70:20:10 rule of learning teaches us that only 10% of our learning can come from workshops, conferences, videos, self-course, class room learning and the like. 70% of our learning comes from experience. You are about to make a decision to add 70% more to what you can offer others. You are about to make a decision to focus with us on how we all help our customers do transformational work on themselves.

For a limited time you can buy into this amazing environment at a dramatically reduced price. Some of the games we have put "software" to come with a variety of shared-profit models where you the coach keep 70% of what your games generate, and 5% of the book of business created by other teachers, trainers, coaches or businesses that mention you at sign-up. Any purchase price will be given back to you in the form of a refund check out of those initial game earnings.

  • Learn Quick, or Learn Slow

    We run a variety of events throughout each month that provide opportunities to join with us live on-line and learn these games by playing them with me and others from the community.
  • Live Support for your own business!?!?

    Yep, there are several opportunities throughout the Month to jump into cycle with highly functional on-line live master-mind groups, our staff and other peers from the community.
  • Curious enough to give it a try?

    Games are best learned by "doing" not by "reading" or taking notes. If you get in decide in the first 30 days it is not for you, I will give you your money back, no questions asked.
  • Do you need technology help or advice?

    As the 6th member of your team I can assure you your technology problems just went away. You now have millennial technology know-how and strength with the wisdom of the crowds!