Games that help with meetings

Consider the way the last meeting you attended was run. That was a game. Albeit probably not a very good one. This category of games includes a dozen or so top-hits that can have everyone feeling refreshed, informed and engaged without anyone in the room realizing what you have done until it is too late.

Sticky Note Games

By using sticky notes in tight 2-3 min. rounds followed immediately with short discussion you can incorporate the thinking, the ideas, and the concerns of each meeting participant in ways that today doesn't even get close to.

  • Grow the data through ideation using post-it notes and short time boxes.
  • Sort, Group and Combine the ideas presented to find patterns and distinctions
  • Add priority or value metrics to the groupings to begin to filter away great ideas of lesser impact
  • Filter down to the most intersting bits of information to expand upon
  • Zoom in on those most valuable or interesting pieces by clearing the board and start the process of ideation over again

Anyone that has ever used a spreadsheet gets this real-life game fast! As key to them all, don't try to explain it up-front. Have them form into teams and play it once or twice, then you can talk about it very briefly as you help them reflect on their own best discoveries.

Little to no prep time, works great in-person, on-line, or on-the-call (with software support). By having groups form into teams, you can easily use our game-builders platform to host games with a nearly endless number of people on-line in realtime. Add an additional 3% cost of effort and time for every *5 as you move beyond 125 participants, or the Team of Team of Team layer.