Leadership Gamez are about how we learn.

In 2014 I was working with a 1,200 employee division of 3M helping them figure out how they could get much more out of the "scrum" result from their "scrum" investments. For much of that year I flew back and forth to Salt Lake City, UT from my home in Florida, as well as other a few other site locations, eventually the big 3M campus in MN! "Scrum" is a game that companies can use to "get work done" that has shown to be 400 - 800% more effective in the first 20 weeks when compared to the traditional games of top-down, command and control, departments, managers and the like.

In my experience it is useful, to start with it as a thinking exercise that says "What if it were a game?". Are you winning? What does the evidence look like? What does the data show? How does it feel? Are the majority of us having fun? Do the majority of us know how to win? Are we getting dramatically better all the time? What experiments might you run to win in drastically bigger ways? The way you talk to yourself, the way you interact with the world, the way the business you work for is run, the way you parent, the way you love, the way you lead. All of it, is a game. Command and control, top-down, departments, managers, executives, leadership, laborers, are all parts of a game. By todays standards not a very effective game, but perhaps if everyone knew the rules, and how to win, and the "environment, situation and conditions" were as such that it was highly likely that one would win, then I have seen us move from 3 - 8% effective to 60 and 70% in short order.

I was unable to convince the current leadership that there was a model where I could coach, teach and train all 1,200 people at the exact same time. I didn't yet have the tools built to show them how it all would work and they were hoping to go boil the big coaching sessions down into more traditional class-room training. Something about hearing "yes, but" made me a little crazy, I will admit. I spent the following 9 months building the software, and the programs of which you now consider purchase. I didn't have the "parts" of the game that made it all instantly possible for thousands of people to come together, self-organize, meet every day, and "play". Now I do. I didn't just build it for me to teach you. I built it so you could teach others, working flexible, part-time, from anywhere.

During my time with 3M there was a recorded average increase of just over 500% with those that were "playing the games" when they were asked about their ability to get to market more quickly, with a higher quality, and having more joy doing it. Almost 38% of those that responded put the previous 4 - 8 weeks in which they had been "playing the game" at something north of 10X, or 1,000% improved over the 8 - 15 years many of them had spent working in this capacity. Many went on to report radically transformative experiences in the weeks we were together as they learned more about the problems they were to solve, the ways they were solving them, the burdens and profits the generated and how to get busy with the things that made a dramatically and continually improving difference. The highest score the metric offered. In days, and weeks, not months and years. For negligible cost, and only positive impacts on time and schedule changing the "game" can change everything.

Have you ever just wanted to help others to "experience" something first, to just get a taste of it, BEFORE you tried to talk too much about it? Instead of putting 40 people at a time through a 2 week employee/manager rehabilitation training and creating all of the amazing micro pockets of successful communities I have devised a way for you and I to coach, teach and train thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people at the exact same time in a highly effective, culture-sized, slow-drip, long-term, game that runs beautifully in the background of the lives of those that play to bring about positive feelings, higher engagement, and more of the right problems getting solved more quickly.

What follows and the program at large is me sharing with you the dozens of games I have used in person, working with small groups of a handful, hundreds in the room, thousands on the call. Games that can be played in just a few minutes, games that span days, and games that go on for years. Studies show that just by learning, and helping your customers to learn games like these things tend to begin to improve. High fives of awesome, I think you rock! Here are a few of the companies that think we rock that I have worked with on games, leadership, training/consulting and custom software development over the past few years.

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    We can invent simple games on the fly that require no software. We can also quickly build custom software just for you and your game.
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