Games that help with meetings Trying to figure out the most important things(s) that we should be focused on is hard. Helping group's work better together is at the core of everything we do. Meetings that follow game formats can be 20x more productive, more engaging and more enjoyable.


Games that help with Large Gatherings Large events, and large group meetings that are activity based have a higher individual engagement. People will thank you more for helping them find one another, than they will for the time you spent on stage.

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Games that help you run organizations The game that dominated the 1900s is found today in excess of 92% waste. There are several new games companies can try that dramatically change this situation. Best news of all, many of these are easy to add to existing models.

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On average there are 2 game sessions per week. Each session lasts roughly 1 hour. These are open, free, sessions during which you will play and learn from games, on teams. You never know who might end up on your team any given night!

Games for on-line groups and meetings Travel is expensive. Schedules don't frequently align. You can only fit so many people in a training room. Technologies, some we build, some we recommend, allow us to help you turn the reality of distribution into a huge plus.

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Games that focus on Conference Calls Conference calls are one-directional with the fewest people contributing. Despite wide scale adoption, the format has changed very little during past 25 years. Many have never experienced interactive games on conference bridges.

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Games for big rooms with round tables Where does a person go if they want to learn about the games that work? Reading an article or book diagram is a crude way to learn. Join us as we crash our learning together as a professional community with Leadership Gamez™.

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The more you play, the more convinced you will become that games and game thinking are very powerful.

Games that help with product and project design Successful project and product design and management isn't what most people first think of. Traditional approaches have been replaced with more successful and highly interactive models.

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Games that teach leadership concepts to leaders Games that can help management and leadership grow a desire for non-traditional organizational structures. Games that teach servant leadership, transparency, inspection and adaptation.

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Games specific for coaches and trainers Nothing is more awesome than an audience of teachers, trainers and coaches. These are the men and women that can learn in minutes from a game things a lifetime of study never unveiled.

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The more you play, the more confidence you will have that you are the right person to help others learn this too.

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Community Play 2 Learn Game Schedule and mid-week communications are currently in a private FB group.

Below this point is in regard to a 300.00/yr membership and invitation to play "private" games.

We are working hard to be a community resource and we host loads of fun public events to spread awareness and to add great value to as many as we can.

In public we create these learn 2 play community opportunities to help folks learn about us, and to find and learn about one another. In private we host communities that play 30 day, multi-week, open-ended, and private host versions of the game over much longer periods of time. In less than 15 min a day plus a little more at the start and end of each week these private communities of 50 - 125+ move together on a journey as teams of 5 mastering a whole new type of game.

Did you know that once you know these games, you can put your own materials on The Daily High 5 Game board and start hosting your own paid, private communities?

That sounds high fives of awesome to us, we are in fact here, to help you to have greater impact, work with more people and be more profitable.

  • Private Community Partnerships

    Each month starts over a new game of "The Daily High 5" among the entire population of our paid membership. We have built software that allows us to play variations of all of these games live with you and others, we have named it The Daily High 5 Game. It is in this game you, and the others, will self-organize onto teams of 5 and experience your way through learning these games and other fantastic wins. We have built The Daily High 5 Game in such a way that later, once your familiar with it, you can put your own "game content" into The Daily High 5 Game engine and use our software to deliver the game mechanics to create your own future paid on-line bottom-up communities. There is something magical about being surrounded by people who are just like you, that struggle with the things you struggle with and are working hard together to have access to a different outcome just as you would like to. The Daily High 5 game is about creating very large community experience that is delivered through teams, focused on weekly cycles, in a professionally led engagements where everyone is moving in the same directions and the systems and software help you stay keenly aware of everyone else in the program.
  • Business Support Partnerships

    Founded and operated by James Kies with 20 years of custom software development experience, 8 years of corporate transformation experience, 2 years teaching with the Learning Tree International, 2 years serving on the presidents advisory counsel to the John C. Maxwell team. I am working every day to help move your business forward and to help you put and keep more money in your pocket. In addition to this, I host large community expert panels, and numerous opportunities throughout the month to work together in some capacity. Have something urgent? You have priority and I am happy to help you, within reason, with all sorts of odd things you thought you were all alone with.
  • Game and Technology Partnerships

    I can help you to invent simple games on the fly that require no software. We can also quickly build custom software just for you and your game. Do you need a custom app, a website, help with a proposal? We can help. Much of it is included in the price you just paid (or are about to), others like custom software come at steep discount and priority service. Beyond this we are working hard each day to discover ways you can impact more people, with less personal effort to a much higher profitability. We will continue to build apps, software and resources to get into your hands, so you can work with people in powerful new ways. As you start to love everything about Leadership Gamez™ and refer to others, you can generate between 5% and 70% profit-share. The Daily High 5 for instance is a full business in a box where you get to keep 70% of what you generate and earn 5% from the book of business generated by other coaches you refer. Know any businesses that are in distress or still living the 90% waste game of top-down, departments, managers and the like? Earn 10% on corporate referrals.
  • A competitive advantage

    No one quite does it like James does it. His ability to affect a room is undeniable. Learning directly from him how to host many of the games that he has used with wild success inside and outside of the technology sector. Games are best learned by "doing" not by "reading" or taking notes. We frequently host calls to play these games on-line (can be played in person). Join us, learn by riding! Meet dozens, perhaps hundreds of other entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers and trainers as you play along while learning various short and long games in the system. Have access to and learn from the community of teams that surround you and your team. Have James Kies and his team(s) on retainer and in partnership to help you add activity based and experience first learning to your on-site and on-line program offers.